Reading Houdini OBJ/FBX Output

Hey guys!

Currently trying to implement EmberGen in my Houdini workflow, but seems like EmberGen has a problem with the OBJ and FBX Output, which Houdini is providing. Reading such a file just drops an ‘Unsupported File’ error. When importing said OBJ in Blender and Exporting it again as OBJ, it works fine. Alembic Output out of Houdini also works, I think. But would still be interested in a working option for Houdini OBJ/FBX files.

Maybe I can do something in Houdini to get it work?

Uploaded a test sphere out of Houdini and re-exported out of Blender here:

Test OBJ Files

Hey thanks for sharing this with us! We are aware of this issue and we will hopefully address it in the future, but we are working on a few other projects at the moment. Let us know if you have any other issues or questions in the meantime!