VDB export to Houdini

IS there any tut / doc for VDB export to Houdini?
Houdini VDB loading, to see the same UI view in Houdini…?

There is really not much you can do with vdb export than export it, then import it :grin:

Meaning that what you have to figure out is to import it to Houdini,
I don´t have the apprentice version installed right now, not sure if it imported vdb´s but I think so, preferably if it´s not there in the direct imports, add a vdb node and locate the file manually and search for the patch, folder you saved out the vdb to.

As mentioned, from the emberen export side, you just drag out the volume vdb output release the mouse and select the vdb export node, set proper frame range and specify folder to save it out, run the simulation to whatever frame it starts at.

To save out asingle vdb file, set your first frame to whichever frame you want, the other settings set to 1.

Same UI view?..there is no such thing, you probably mean …the same camera matching, which means you have to first set up a proper camera in Houdini, export that to fbx, alembic and export to Embergen, and then connect the proper camera from the import asset, which you have to check properly in the fbx file to get the camera ouput channel in the embergen input node, then feed that to the main camera control node, this is a bit tricky if you haven´t done it before.

Embergen doesn´t export anything else than vdb, o yeah, alembic perhaps, fbx export back to another program…not sure with the new versions.