Purchasing Embergen & Octane

I’m interested in taking advantage of the Black Friday sale and upgrading my Octane from v4 to the latest perpetual but also getting a version of Embergen that works well with Octane.

I understand that if I upgrade to the latest Octane version I will get access to the current Embergen builds. But is it true that later I will lose access like that and have to buy Embergen separately anyway? In which case is it better to buy Octane and separately buy Embergen right now with the Black Friday deal?

You are not going to do a Embergen specific to Octane that is somehow different to the standalone version are you?

We are going to do an embergen specific to octane, it won’t always be the standalone for octane users. We are working to get EmberGen working as a plugin for octane so that it can work in things like C4D. That is the ultimate goal.

If you want a plugin eventually, go with octane.

If you want a standalone permanent license, go with us.


Ok thanks for being upfront about that. Do you know if that Octane specific version will be limited in some way? For example not being able to export VDB files to other programs? I am interested in Embergen and VectorRayGen for a custom engine as well as Octane use too. I have just taken out a year Octane Studio sub now, so trying to decide quickly on the rest :slight_smile:

I don’t think there will be any limitations like that, but I cannot promise anything. Overall I wouldn’t expect limitations though.