PC configuration

Hello everyone !

I’m about to get a new PC and the goal is to use C4D, Embergen and Octane in good conditions (this is a hobby, not my job).

Would anyone be able to tell me if an RTX3070 (and an AMD ryzen 5 5600X or maybe ryzen 7 5800X) will allow me to use embergen and Octane comfortably please?
Or an RTX3080 is a must to have ?
Or any other recommandation please ?

Thank you for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can get an RTX 3080, get that. I run EmberGen with a 3070 and it works fairly well!


I’m running Embergen on a fairly powerful laptop with a RTX3080 - which confusingly is not really a laptop version of the desktop 3080, in spite of the name. It’s got 16gigs vram and 6144 pipelines. I get pretty good performance up to about 200 million voxels when it really starts to creak. If you’re viewing a sim this big in the viewport the UI freezes up and it’s very difficult to stop it animating or to change any parameters. You have to keep clicking and hope the programme notices at some point.

Nick - is there any way to stop animation when the GPU is maxxed out like this? It can take minutes of clicking just to stop the animation so you can save the file, which is a real pain. Some sort of interupt would be wonderful.

Try our smooth UI option in the preference menu as that’s our attempt to put the UI on a separate thread.