60 Days of EmberGen & Octane

Hello fellow VFX artists, game devs, and all around explosion/smoke junkies!

TLDR: I am doing 60 days of Embergen and Octane
GIFs made from converting .mp4 https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif

I fell head over heels with this software the second I was introduced to it (Credit goes to J. Winbush - check out his YouTube so many great lessons and knowledge about c4d/redshift/UE4 and now Embergen).

I decided I was going to go all in with this software - after seeing Nick on the live streams - I was sold. I swapped my trial for a full license, these guys are legit indie badasses. Humble and passionate about games and VFX. Thank you JangaFX!

…and whaa’la the idea of “60 Days of Embergen” popped into my head, oddly enough, minutes later, Jules Urbach randomly reached out to me asking me if I had ever tried Octane. The timing…was…mind boggling. I had not, so full disclosure, I am learning Octane at the same time as learning Embergen!
They are planning a fully integrated EmbergenFX inside Octane if you have not already heard the announcement. Check the YouTube beta live stream series for more info on this. Jules was nice enough to hook me up with an Octane trial to let me learn and play. THANK YOU OTOY!

Maybe I am overly excited but…here it comes …“In these uncertain times” (pls i cannot hear it anymore)… This was a huge spirit lifter for me as our family business (Kids camp: https://hollowscamp.ca) and covid do not mix…

I am open to requests for creations.
At the end of this personal project I will be releasing all my .ember files and all my .OBJs for whom ever wants to play with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading this rant and checking out some of my art.

You can find me on Instagram @hollowswoodsman or my portfolio http://loganpinney.myportfolio.com

Thank you again so much JangaFX and Otoy!!!
This is all Fan Made art, I am not being paid by JangaFX or Otoy. Otoy has gifted me the Octane license for a short trial and I am humbled to be allowed to play with their software!

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Day Zero


60Days of EmberGen


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Nice! Keep them coming! :wink:

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I made several of these - the others looks real bad as compressed GIFs :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I use these in after effects as transitions and reveals. Really great stuff being able to do all kinds of channel swizzlin’ - Nick that needs to be on a t shirt!

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Straight. Out of Octane “SOOO”
Embergen single frame VDB exported and rendered in Octane.

Embergen+Octane+Photshop “Where Otoy was founded”

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try as I may - could not get this to shrink down to gif status - under ~4MB for some of these renders is tough without them looking really compressed

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EKK! I am wayyy behind on my posting here, but I have been indeed doing my embergen daily!
As this one is a still (and much easier to upload) I will share it today.
I have many videos that I need to make into GIFs but most are posted to my portfolio!

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