Trail Extension

Hi, I did download Embergen about a year ago. but I did not have time then to check. I’m trying to do some tests now but it says my trial is expired. Can I get extension to my trial for this beta version I’m using now ?

I got the EmbergenFX working. I’m octane customer. So That’s not a problem now.
BTW, another question : Can I not use 2 point lights ? It seems to obey only 1 light.

Only 1 light is supported at a time. In our next release we’ll support many lights :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick, BTW is static camera or animated camera supported ? If yes, how ? I’m using EmbergenFX latest beta version.
Also is it possible to imported animated mesh ?

Animated meshes and camera imports were released yesterday to users who have purchased a license from us directly. You could get that build from our discord server if you had a license. Other than that if you’re using EmberGenFX, you’ll have to wait until 0.7.5 is officially out for these features.

Thank you Nick ! BTW, Since I’m a octance customer, does this mean I am a license owner of EmbergenFX too ?

In Otoy page, it says " EmberGenFX beta is out today – free for all OctaneRender subscribers!" So that means I am already a license user right ? But I do not see the new version 0.7.5 to download. :frowning:

It’s not available to OTOY users at this time. 0.7.5 is only out “privately/internally”.