No Warning That Save Does Not Work When Saving .embergen Files Marked Read-Only

There is no proper warning or feedback that the Save command has not worked when attempting to save an EmberGen file marked read-only. It is common for version control software to mark items that are NOT checked out read-only, meaning that if you are editing a .embergen file that has been submitted before, you MUST check the file out BEFORE trying to save it for Save to work.

The only warning I had before losing a couple hours of work was that it kept telling me I had unsaved changes when trying to exit, but hitting ‘Save’ there made me feel safe.

There should be some kind of explicit warning that occurs upon a failed save due to the file being read-only.


Are you sure you don’t have this popup when trying to save over a read-only file?

Do you remember what file were you using?

I am certain that I receive just the normal Save Project popup rather than the one you posted.

I hit ‘save’ and EmberGen remains open and never shows the read-only prompt.

I noticed that I do get the read-only prompt if I try to edit and exit a preset without saving. That is not occurring in the situation I’m describing.

I was working with a modified (renamed and saved) Bullet Impact Concrete preset but I can make the issue occur with any file. The file must exist in version control and not be checked out and this issue will occur 100% of the time.

I’m on Perforce for version control for what it is worth.

Ahh, that was going to be my next question, what version are you running? I think it was version 1.0.2 where we patched a bug around this function not being called for certain presets. So I’m guessing you’re using a version before that?

I am on v1.0.8.


I’m not sure that it has anything to do with the presets. I can make the same thing happen with a new embergen file (without selecting a preset).

If I do the following the issue I described will still occur:

  1. Open EmberGen and select File > New Project.
  2. Save the file and submit to perforce.
  3. Try to edit the file again without explicitly checking out.

I can Ctrl + S or File > Save and I get no read-only error. It acts like it though it’s saved the file until I close and it tells me I have unsaved changes.

Okay sorry I didn’t realize that you were using Perforce, we were able to replicate that bug so thank you for letting us know about it. No word on when this will be fixed but we all agree that it is pretty high priority.

Please let us know if you need anything else in the future!

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