EmberGen's File Recovery doesn't work

I was doing some work on embergen when it crashed. i went on it back again then saw the recovery file which i clicked it works on the first one and i’m continuously saving the project every few minutes when i closed it back again to take a rest and work on other project.

when i open the embergen file again it no longer works. it can’t load the recovery file and whenever it loaded it it just shows the default donut with fire. i tried renaming the file extension and it doesn’t work. it all ends on default home screen.

this is giving me frustration, i was about to pay for the subscription to be able to render it. I’m quite mad and disappointed after this knowing i lost the fire sim project im working on. EmberGen does it job of real time simulation and i love it but i feel like the recovery files are just a useless props.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you lost your previous work. I’m not really able to recreate your specific issue, but I might advise that when working off of your recovery project, you immediately save it as a new file. This way embergen isn’t thinking it needs to load old data, this is something we will keep an eye on though!