(EmberGen) Crash while opening or saving every projects

Crashes everytime when opening project (or any preset) from File/OpenProject. Saving project crashes as well.
“Embergen has unexpectedly crashed due to an access violation.
Application code: 0xc0000005”
Launching in admin mode results in the same errors when saving or opening projets and presets.

Win10 pro
version 1909 18363.1082

Do you happen to have EmberGen installed in a folder/file path where there may be characters that aren’t common?

Such as: é Å Á etc

Thank you for your reply. No use of special characters, just installed in C:\EmberGenBeta.

I love this software but i’ll stick with houdini until embergen 1.0. Too much issues.

I had forwarded this issue to my lead programmer previously, I’ll have him check in on this thread again. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue offhand. Hopefully we can get it solved easily for you and you don’t have to deal with the perils of H.

As an update, we had another user report this error today. We’re looking into it.

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Hey @jerdel, this should be fixed in our latest patch Give it a try!

Thanks, no issues with !

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