Completely different results in version and 1.0.1

Hi there,

Why do I get completely different result in version 1.0.1 in the scene created with the version?

Also when I try to open my project file in version I get this error: Unable to load the project. Error type Uknown_type.
But I can load it up with the 1.0.1 version. Although It gives me some warnings about Node_Export_Image and Node_Capture but it loads up. I have to reconnect Simulation, Volume Processing and Scene nodes. Then it works but it gives me completely different result when simulating. What is wrong?

Because we completely changed our simulator to add new upgrades. Beta presets (0.7.5) aren’t compatible with 1.0.

is there a way to convert it back or at least how can I open it with the Bc I’m currently stuck. The scene was made months ago and since then Embergen has been evolved significantly. It’d be a nightmare to re-create it again with the 1.0.1. Thanks in advance.

you can always download the previous versions of embergen from our site here: Thank You For Downloading EmberGen - JangaFX

thanks but the thing is I cannot open my project with older versions either. It’s not loading but giving me a error. It loads only with the 1.0.1 but simulation is completely different.
this is what I get when I open it with etc.

As for the error you are encountering when trying to open your project file in version, it could be related to a compatibility issue between the project file and the version of the software. It is possible that some of the nodes or settings used in the project file are not supported in the newer version or vice versa.

if you saved that project in 1.0.1 it won’t be able to be read by the older versions. But an older preset (0.7.5 and above) should be able to be read by the newer versions of the software.

Also are you sure you’re using i don’t see that available on our site

Thank You For Downloading EmberGen - JangaFX just scroll down to the Older versions of EmberGen section and you’ll find

Anyway, I downloaded the and it loaded my scene with old my settings and stuff correctly.

Oh sorry I meant to type, I don’t see that version on our site. But I’m glad that loaded correctly! Let us know if you have any other issues