Copying unique Nodes from other files doesn't work

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to check out the latest release of Embergen after I didn’t use it for a while and it’s really impressive what the team has been doing so far! :smiley:
I came across one really annoying incident though which I’m not sure how to solve.
I made a test project with some pretty stylization changes in the scene, volume and shading nodes. Now I wanted to copy these nodes over into my other project, but they get copied over turned-off, which I understand since there can only be one of these nodes at a time in a file. The problem occurs when I try to delete the originals and work with my copied-over node.
I’m unable to turn them back on and the software doesn’t seem to refresh the state change in the file. Now I’m pretty much stuck :smiley: I can’t create new nodes of the turned-off types and I can’t turn the existing ones on either. I also really don’t want to copy all of the settings in my original stylized file over to the original nodes in the second file.
Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance and best regards!

I’ll log this in as a bug for investigation. Thanks!

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