No Flames on blender 2.9 render 9 (Solved)


I have searched the whole web for these answers and was able to fix them on my own so I thought it would be a real-time saver to help others.

When I exported my Sim from Embergen to Blender and despite following any tutorial Online I could not get it to work with the latest version of blender available at the moment I speak (2.9.1). You can see what my viewport looked like

No flames as you could see nothing, I tweaked every setting I could not get it to work.

So, the answer is really simple, I downloaded a previous version of Blender (2.8.3 to be precise) and imported it again with the same settings and it worked perfectly! (See the screen capture below)

I don’t know why it does not work in blender 2.9 but Hey at least I can Export now.

Hope it will help anyone!

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