Export key frames

Awesome software Nick & co.!

I’ve been playing around with the trial version atm, before making a decision to go sub / perpetual license.

I’ve exported a couple of vdb’s into Blender, which has key frame animations, i.e Shape Primitive on the rocket. I noticed in Blender, this does’nt show up as the Primitive should move up on the Z access (see screen shots taken at 200 frames). Thus there is no flame moving up.
Am I missing something, or is this something still to be added into the code?



Hey Brendon,

My guess is that it might just be really really light flames for blenders renderer. Might need to boost temperature values or something similar to actually see it. Our renderer in EmberGen can pick up all sorts of really light/low value temperature variations etc, while all other renderers are fairly simple and brute force.

Hope this helps!

thanks Nick, it was indeed the temp in Blender I had to crank up.

I’m working on my own rocket launch, trying to understand the settings/values from the the existing pre-sets, and work on those.

Great software and very addictive :smile: I said to my wife, it’s like being a kid again, when we wanted to play with matches, now we can do it in the safety and comfort of our house.

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