Move container walls and other thoughts :_

Hi. I’m doing VFX for film mostly and I’m currently considering swtiching to Embergen from Phoenix for 3ds max and I have some thoughts regarding the workflow.
I’m terribly green when it comes to embergen, so forgive me any lack of knowledge on the matter.

  1. Ability to move the container - haven’t found the way to do this - for instance, after importing geo from FBX i’d like to move container to that geo, and not the other way round, since it will be harder to match it all up after exporting to vdb. Also the ability to bind containers into moving objects for more complex shots.
  2. Direct vertex painting on geo would be also huge, for painting emission masks etc, and further to pipe that mask into noise modifier with additive or multiply modes.
  3. I found cumbersom to simply set the viewport resolution and aspect ratio like 1920x1080 or other with keeping, for matching the plate.
  4. measuring tools would be nice, and ability to work in real world units like meters or centimeteres
  5. some way to cache or prerender the timeline in order to scrub back and forth to assess the sim…
  6. documentation seems scarce to be honest - I’d like to see more in the future.

By the way - great software really - I’d just love to see it grow into something I could use every day :slight_smile:

Best regards


  1. In our plans with our sparse solver we’re working on, not possible yet though!
  2. Would be nice, but a bit out of the scope of what we’re doing right this second. I’m sure it’ll come in the future.
  3. You set the resolution via your camera. The viewport itself may not be that resolution, but it will truly be that for exports etc.
  4. We’ve thought of tools like that, better scaling/real world scaling is on our todo list.
  5. Unlikely to happen in the forseeable future.
  6. is being worked on daily internally and we have a massive update for it coming out soon. It’s already quite well documented! Lots of tutorials coming soon to our YouTube channel too.