I want to move the bounding box

Hey all, new me here.

I am struggling to understand if it is at all possible to move the bounding box for the emitter, since making it larger also puts strain on the gpu and it isnt fast at all.

I have to use emission from both far away and very close, and usually inside of a camera track with variable depth in the plate.

Is this possible?

You can’t move the bounding box yet, but we’re working on a sparse simulator that’s boundless. Typically users import a backplate and move the camera in EmberGen since the bounds can’t be moved. Then when you export it’ll line up with your plates.

Hi. I am also interested in moving the bounding box. Is this still not possible?

I think it would be useful for people importing meshes from other software that are not located in the center of the scene.

Thank you

There is a Pivot parameter that you are able to adjust in your import node, this will adjust the center point of your simulation to assist in making those adjustments to your fbx / abc file. Hope this helps!