Motion blur for particles

I’m making a simulation with fire and sparks that I’m exporting to blender, but the particles just render as stationary dots which is very unrealistic. Is there a way to export the particles with velocity attributes or another way to add motion blur to the particles in my Blender render?

You should be able to add motion blur inside of Blender. Additionally you’ll need to instance an object onto the alembic file to get it to show up inside of Blender

@notwillclarke I tried using “mesh to points” and instance geometry on them, but there still appears to be no motion blur when I render. In fact, I don’t see how motion blur could be possible because each frame is store in a separate .abc file. Either intermediate data would also have to be stored, or the velocity vector of each particle would have to be stored too.

It looks like the attribute for velocity is supposed to be .velocities, but it looks like there’s no data under that attribute. The only attribute that is currently working is position.

UPDATE: I solved the issue. By default, Blender’s Alembic importer does not import any particle attributes other than position. Someone named KWD from this forum post created a branch of Blender that is able to import alembic particles with attributes:

(Houdini’s Particles to Blender with Alembic ( Attributes import problem ) - Support / Other Software - Blender Artists Community)