Imported objects scale and limitation in fbx

First of all, embergen is really impressive and powerfull above what I was waiting for, explosion and smoke simulations become like toys it’s so fun and reactive !

I use tyflow in 3dsmax for making a plane crash and I need parts of crash to burn AFTER the crash. So I manage to convert tyflow particles to objects and theses objects APPEAR ONLY AT IMPACTS TIMES. Before impacts times they are scale down ( that’s the way tyflow hides particles when exported to objects ), and after impact scale is set to 100%.

The problem is, when I import this objects in embergen ( fbx format ), the emission starts at the begining of simulation before impacts times, when the objects scales are set zero. It emit from a little point.So i have fume and fire before impacts.

If I can have a way of NOT EMTIING WHEN SCALE IS DOWN TO ZERO, like linking emission parameters to object scale, I will be able to use emebergen for almost all kind of destruction shots, which is really a big save of time and money for my compagny.

Anothers points, are the limitations of objects I can import.
1 we are limited to only 1 import node, which is really not enough

2 There’s only 4 masks of objects, again really not enough

3 Limitation of 512 objects in fbx importer is really too little when doing particles export, something like 2048 will be a minimum for my work ( and i m not greedy in particles ).
I encounter somelike a overflow problem when more than 512objects are in my fbx : the scene saving process did nothing in 99% of the time, and when it saved, it was with in a file named equal to a portion of one imported objects name, and not even in the folder i specify but a previous one.

So right now embergen seems really limited in ways of importing from others 3D softwares scenes, specially without particles importer ( like a prt files reader node, with channels reading of course ), and there’s no nodes to properly use basic informations from imported objects like scale, velocity, ids of objects, etc … without this kind of stuff I’m not really found in using embergen in production despite the powerfulllness of your engine. Can’t wait to see furthers updates guys !

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. We are increasing our potential for importing mesh objects very soon, but we also have our own Particle system build inside of EmberGen already. (It can already handle 26 million particles :smiling_imp:) This is only available to our verified users in our discord, but you are more than welcome to join if you want!

With regards to emitting when scale is at zero, you might want to come up with a different approach to achieve the shot you’re looking to make. EmberGen is particular with how we treat imported objects in order to get them to interact with the sim that will make that particular use case hard to achieve.

Thanks again for this, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to make them here or email or discord!


which different approach ? if i ended with scale it’s beacause that’s the only way to communicate emission time between 3dsmax and embergen. In embergen I see nothing to synchronize emission time with imported objects.

I’m saying that there might be a better way to get the effect you’re looking for than using the imported object node to control 512 particles. I’d have to see exactly what your shot and simulation entail to give any real detail, but i think i understand the limitations you’re encountering