Emission stops at wrong time


I have imported a FBX sequence which runs for 116 frames.

The FBX runs for the full 116 frames however, the volume emission stops after 64 frames, and I can’t figure out why.

There are no keyframes or input restrictions.

As a test, I have created a sphere using all the same parameters and it runs the full length.

Strangely, changing the scene scale to .1 makes the sim run properly but the result at this scale is undesirable.

Also, in the - Settings - project settings - thumbnail tab, the frame count is maxed out at 64 and I can’t find a way to change this.

Thanks in advance.

hey, so sorry for the delay! Can you send over your mesh file and embergen file so that we can take a look at it?

Yes, Wonderful.

I’ve attached a wetransfer file as the FBX is about 1.2GB.


As you can see the simulation just cuts off. It’s clearly still within the simulation bounds.
I’ve created new nodes and built it all from scratch with no change.
Strangely the scene scale and voxel size seem to change the emitter duration.
If the voxel size is increased then it emits for longer and if the scene scale is reduced to x1 then the whole timeline is emitted. But obviously these produce undesirable results.

Thanks for your help on this.