Particle linking objects in Lightwave and Blender and importing to Embergen

Just giving some tip on expanding on particle simulations, or more accurate importing particle linked objects from other software, so you can orchestrate the explosions,particle emissions, directions and behavior from your other main software if you have that is :slight_smile:

Upon testing Embergen, I find that it can not cover it all, and physics and dynamics within other software may have to use it´s own particle engine for collisions, or spawning according to each scene case.

Currently there is however no particle import in Embergen from other software as I know of,
So a simple way of approaching that could be to import mesh object parts that are linked to the particle system that created the simulation, and just import that as FBX and run the simulation, initial test seem to work fine, but I have to test more with scaling and export back again to match other elements in for instance Lightwave or blender.

This sample below is just a brief showcase of particle linking spheres (could be any polytype) to the particles in lightwave with nodal motion and node linking and then cloning them, for more information on that You have to ask.
In Blender you can do in similar the same, but it´s actually easier to clone objects to particles by just selecting the render typ object for the particle system and choose whatever object you want.

Though blender can´t add any emitter only object as Lightwave can, you have to start with a mesh, and that one I need to figure out how to turn off, or reduce size or use a simple point to serve as emitter, if you would start with a box as an emitter, that would show up in embergen without any option to turn it off and at the same time no turning the other objects off.

Both Lightwave and Blender works with this approach and using alembic export…
Fbx export I need to check up more on before saying anything.