Images not writing on export (Floating license bug) (FIXED)

We’ve just installed the Beta version and for some reason images won’t write when I use the Export Image node and hook it up (using the Export Now button). I’ve tried writing several channels as both flipbooks and sequences but no luck. When previewing the Export viewport everything looks exactly as I expect but it is just not saving the image. Exporting VDB files does seem to work properly though. Any thoughts? Could it be a license issue? We’re running floating licenses and window shows [Floating Trial] Embergen [Beta]

Hey Marijn,

We currently have a bug with floating licenses that is causing image exports to not work. We will be releasing a patch later today or sometime tomorrow.

Also be sure to check that you’re using the new licensing manager. In the install folder for the new EmberGen beta you will find a JangaFX_Licensing_Manager_Beta.exe file. Run this file and you will see an option to enter in the IP address and the port to the server you need to connect to for floating license in this format under the floating license section:


I also encountered the same problem, and there was no start recording and snapshot function in my window. I asked for help, and I also used the applicable version

Wangke, For you at the top does it say expired trial? Or is your trial active? Do you have an active license?

I just downloaded and installed it without trying it out or filling in any license

Thanks for the quick reply Nick!
The license manager seems to list the correct IP and Status : Activated
I’ll wait for the patch in that case, thanks!

Wangke, In the install folder for the new EmberGen beta you will find a JangaFX_Licensing_Manager_Beta.exe file. Run this file and click “Check Trial” and let me know how many days it says are left. If there is an error, it will pop up in the log on the right. Let me know if you see any yellow errors.

Were you testing our beta in the licensed users channel by chance? PM me on discord and I can give you a trial extension if needed. If you have a license, enter your license key in that manager exe.

I haven’t tested it. This is my first time using it.Excuse my poor English, I can’t speak English, I am using translation software to communicate with you.

Are you in china? The chinese firewall might be blocking the trial from activating unfortunately.

Yes, I am in China. I like this software very much. I hope I can recommend it to my colleagues after I have studied it for some time

I’ll close the firewall to see if it works.If not, I’ll use the inactive version first.I will buy the official version after I have studied it for some time. Thank you

If you’re using a VPN, see if you can get access to as that is the server the software needs to connect to. If EmberGen can connect to that, your trial should work.

I can go to

Marijn, Open up the software and click update available inside the software in the top left menu bar. If you try your floating licenses now they should activate!

Works like a charm! Thanks for the quick fix Nick and congrats on the beta release, love it so far!