EmberGen License Error

Hi, I bought the month subscription for EmberGen over the weekend and the Key doesn’t work. I’ve sent emails to the support team and have as yet to hear anything from them. Error message below.
I’ve no clue how I’m supposed to fix this, would be wonderful to fix soon as I was hoping to use the program for my work…

(oh and I’ve tried that wyday.com link and it’s not very helpful!)

Sorry that you’re getting affected by this issue. We actually just met with our license manager WyDay and we think we got all of these discrepancies cleared up. This is a private link to an unreleased version of EmberGen with the updated licensing files: EmberGen-1.1.3-test (update).zip - Google Drive

Can you extract this folder and try to activate your key in the license manager? If that doesn’t work, please close out of EmberGen, launch the TurboFloatServer exe file and then run EmberGen as an admin and try activating your license again. If this works, you should be able to activate any version of EmberGen and have it recognize your key.

Let me know if you have any questions about this and I’ll be happy to help!

Kind regards,