"Save Flipbook" does not work (Licensing error, it's resolved via customer)

I am making various sources with EmberGen right now,
Thank you so much for making such a great tool.

However, “Save Flipbook” has not been working since yesterday.

There was no specific condition, yesterday I tested the “Export Sequence”
“Save Flipbook” works after I check it out.
I don’t think I did. There is a way to solve this problem
I wonder if there is!?

We look forward to further development of EmberGen tools.

Did you click “Export now” before clicking save flipbooks? In the top left does it say “Trial Active” and nothing mentioning an expired license?

I couldn’t confirm it because it was a weekend, but I understand that the license will first be until June 7. I will go back on Monday and check it out again.

나의 iPhone에서 보냄

I checked when I went to work, but it seems that the license was not registered.
I should have checked the license first, but this is my mistake.

It works properly because I checked it by re-registering the license.
Thank you.

Glad you got it fixed :slight_smile: