EmberGen Released

Give our blog post a read on the new release!

Here are some cool things created with the betas new visual improvements:


WOW what an update! Thanks for all the bug fixes and QOL upgrades. Masks have me so fired up - every update Embergen keeps getting better and better :sunglasses:
Cheers JangaFX!

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Why do I export VDB into Houdini without temperature

Rendering can’t see the flame only smoke

Are you on as your build? We released a patch that should have fixed this issue. Let us know if you have any more details.

The accuracy of the simulation is not high enough to meet the requirements of the project I made

Bought vector + embergen

Authorization key error or experience 14 days
I’m sorry I didn’t become your customer. I’ll think about buying after you improve and upgrade
Apply for refund

To activate the key in VectorayGen you need to click Update Available.

Do you have any suggestions about the accuracy of the simulations? For most things EmberGen should be suitable, but of course it depends on what you’re doing. What about it wasn’t good enough?

If you do want a refund, email me at nick @ jangafx.com and I’m happy to help out.

I deleted the image from your post to protect your Key.