How to change the start frame of a simulation?

I have some problem with the embergen.
I made a particle simulation. but I don’t know how to set the start frame of simulation.
how can i change the start frame of a simulation?

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Hi there, depending on what you mean, you might want to keyframe the “continuous emission” checkbox in your particles emitter node. Is that what you’re looking for?

similar, but wrong.
I want to change the frame where the simulation itself literally starts, not the rendering of the particles I want or the beginning of what is shown.
For example, an explosion starts in one frame, and I want it to explode in ten frames.

You can’t change the simulation start point, the simulation will always begin at frame 0. What are you specifically trying to achieve that isn’t accomplished with my suggestion?

hello :slight_smile:
i’ve got the same question.
we just started experimenting with embergen for our fx pipeline.
most of our scenes start at frame 1001 (or 991 with framehandles etc)
offsetting alembic imports / tracked cameras to start at 0 is possible of course, but will lead to human errors sooner or later.

so setting a global simulation startframe would be great and save a lot of time because right now we have to wait quite long until the timeslider is reaching 1001 :wink:


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Something we plan to add soon.

Hello! Did this feature ever come to be? If so, how can you change the frame range? If not, is it still planned?
Thank you!

You can’t adjust the start of the simulation, but you can keyframe when your emitter is enabled / disabled to be later in the simulation if needed

It is still planned though yes.