Has anyone gotten alembic particles to work in C4D from Embergen?

I cannot get this to work for my life.
Seems like C4D cannot read alembic sequences and if I go through blender to make it one file it does not read the particles…
Totally hit a wall with this, not sure why embergen doesn’t have the option to write to a single ABC file.

I haven’t heard of anyone who has been able to get them to work either. We’re currently trying to ensure that our custom alembic library can bake everything into one ABC file for LiquiGen. Once we figure that out, i’m sure it’ll make its way to EmberGen in an update.

For now you may need to import the sequence into something like blender, bake it all into one ABC and then use it in C4D.

Hey, thanks for the reply.
I got them working through a round about way using python to update the path location per frame to the next ABC file in sequence (long as everything is named correctly and the sequence starts at 0 without breaks)
I’ll upload a tutorial and some files soon.

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