GUI scaling on 4k monitors

Hello folks,

after I did the beta earlier this year I took advantage of the black friday sale and just bought an EmberGen license. I am excited to see what happened since the beta.

However: I have something between a bug report and a feature request:

EmberGen does not scale well on a 4K monitor, the GUI is very small, that is especially a problem with the license manager, also in EmberGen parameters are quite difficult to read in some cases. I can scale the node graph, but not the parameters and settings windows.

Is there a GUI scale setting somewhere? If not I would have the urgent feature request to scale the GUI.



Hey Xanathon,

Press CTRL + “+” on your keyboard, the one by 0 and -. That will scale your UI to fit better on 4K.

Hello Nick,

Nothing happens when I press those keys.

I have a german keyboard. Neither “+” on the main keyboard nor on the numpad works.

Edit: CRTL + ß makes the UI smaller. But how do I get it bigger again?

Edit 2: It may make sense to remap those to the + and - keys on the numpad, those should be the same in all keyboard languages.