(EmberGen) UI not affected by Windows Scaling (Solved)

When launchin EmberGen on a 4k screen, the UI can be really small and hard to read. It’s not being affected by the Windows Scale (I’ve set mine to 150% for example). It would be great if this could be fixed, if not, an option to scale the UI inside of EmberGen would be good.


If you have the latest pre-beta testing version, you can try Ctrl and the += key. It should help with some of the ui scale. We haven’t finished the hiDPI changes, but that should get you pretty far for now.

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Great to hear this has been partially addressed. I have a 15 inch razer blade studio laptop with a 4K screen and its completely unreadable except with the high powered sniperscope Navy seals use.

I mentioned it to the developers; will try this and see if it is better.