EmberGen + Unity Motion Vector Maps

I’ve been exporting the Motion Vector Maps from EmberGen and using them in Unity, but I noticed that the map scale in Unity’s VFX Graphs needs to be set to something really low like 0.015 (the maximum value I can use, thereabouts) for the animation not to jump all over the place like crazy in terms of flicker. Is this to be expected or is perhaps the export from EmberGen not yet fully compatible with Unity’s VFX Graphs? I don’t mind if that’s the case as no doubt that would be something to improve on and something I can make use of later. Thank you!

All shaders have their own references for that kind of effects, so scaling is quite common. We have values that are more normalized and are in pixel per frame if I remember right.
It’s more accurate to have normalized values as we use much more of the texture values, hence we use more efficiently the precision of the colors … 256 values per component is not that much, so if we premultiply by 0.015 (or any other values in that range) that mean that we will have only 4 possible values, instead of 256 …

Thanks for the reply. Makes sense, so it’s working as intended really.

Am I correct in assuming that if I render my flipbooks by skipping more frames (currently I render 64 frames every 2nd frame), then the scale parameter would go up to make up the larger differences between frames?

The Unity Spaceship Demo project seems to use these with values of 0.2 to 0.4 on fire animations, but I noticed their flipbooks have a lot more of a difference between each frame, so they’re probably rendered over a much longer simulation period.

Unfortunately no, it’s not scaled according to the skipped frames, this is something we have to improve in the future.
We will provide a master shader for unity and unreal at some point too :slight_smile:

Thank you, looking forward to it! :grin: