Flipbook render first frame blank

Hello! A little problem here. Simulation is looped, but first frame is blank, and I don’t understand why. Any help is apprecieted. Good luck!

My guess is your frame stride is too high. It’s sort of an odd setup with how you have looping as well and that could be causing issues since it has automatic frames set now. This issue is typically caused when if you want to sim 128 frames, but want for instance 64 in total. Then if you wanted to sim from frame 128 to 256 with a frame stride of 2, you would get 65 frames, not 64 because the first frame is inclusive. You would need to go from 128 to 255 to have 128 frames and then with a stride of 2 make it 64 frames. This issue of the extra frame from the last number can cause the first frame to be blank.

Does this make sense?