FBX Import issues when copy/pasting Import node, or reopening saved file

Hey all,
Been learning embergen recently and really love the software.
That said, there is a persistent issue that renders it essentially useless for some of my projects.

When I export an FBX sequence from Blender (following various tutorials about proper settings), the import initially works. I can use different meshes or masks or vertex paint colours.

However, if I duplicate that import a few times to get multiple volumes running differently from various meshes contained in the FBX, I start getting a message in the import node which that ‘No Items Match Search Text’ under each mask option…

If I save and re-open the file, I will often havet the multiple imported FBXs that WERE previously working die, and no longer work, either saying ‘unsupported file’ or ‘no items match search text’, etc…

Thus far, import of FBX is far too buggy to for me to use reliably. Would love a solution/path forwards

Hey thanks for reaching out about this, it looks like there is a bug that there are some bugs regarding duplicate import nodes. How many Import node’s are you using in your scene, and what is the nature of the imported objects? Are they skinned skeleton rigs / basic object keyframes? If you could share some of the project files it would be very helpful in troubleshooting these issues.


Hey there, thanks for getting back to me.
I unfortunately lost the working file… had to wipe my drive due to some corruptions.
Objects in this case were purchased .BLENDS and .FBX files, exported into animated FBXs for Embergen. Some had vertex painting for emitters, and others used the whole mesh.

I can provide the FBXs which were used if you like.

The thing that surprised me most was that one version of the FBX would work in the project, but any duplicates, or fresh import nodes, importing the same file (or NEW FBXs with different file paths made from the same original), didn’t work. It seemed like once the project decided the FBXs were no good, it wouldn’t accept any new FBX imports. New projects would but that project would stay ‘cursed’ and unable to take geo from import nodes.

Where should I send the FBXs?

You can send those files to our support email. support@jangafx.com

I haven’t noted any behavior like that so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s something specific about the meshes in those fbx files. Thanks again for reaching out!