Importing FBX with Animated Mesh AND Animated Camera?


Looking around at other posts, I see people mentioning that it should be possible to import an FBX that has an animated mesh AND animated camera?

But I seem to be having an either/or issue.

I can import an FBX with an animated mesh fine. I have a character model that is moving. Works.

Separately, I can import an FBX with an animated camera, connect it to the camera in Embergen, and it works.

But if I import the single FBX that contains the animated mesh and the animated camera, my mesh is no longer moving/animated. Has anyone else run into this issue?

From my Blender scene, all I have is an animated mesh and the camera in the scene. I am exporting FBX with all default settings (so entire scene/objects selected, animation baked in, etc.)

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hey there,

We’ve been experiencing issues with blender fbx exports without a real notion as to what is causing it, but it started happening with exports out of Blender after 3.2, what version are you using? If you wouldn’t mind sharing the blender file, I can check to see if there are any potential problem points in the scene setup ( Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer here, so we appreciate your patience.

Hey, I’m using Blender 3.2.1

Here’s a google drive folder with:

  • blender scene
  • FBX that I exported with the animation + camera
  • embergen scene with the FBX imported. The animated mesh plays, but the camera doesn’t move.