Fbx animation not making it into embergen

I’ve upgraded to 1.1 and now fbx files seem to not have their animation anymore. I test them in Cinema and everything seems fine, but when I bring them in, it’s only the mesh, no animation.

What am I missing?

Hi Max, you may need to enable the specific animation path if your fbx has multiple. Depending on what version you were previously using the import node may be operating a bit differently than before. Idk what the c4d equivalent is but you may need to disable NLA strips so that all of your animation gets baked into 1 stack. If you are still having trouble send me over the meshes and I’ll take a look!

Same issues no matter what I try. This could absolutely be on my end, I just may need to figure out the new process since it seems to have changed a bit.

I still (shame) haven´t installed the 1.1 version, I need to record some particle stuff from the older version first, and also download the older versions if I can´t find it on my harddrive, and make sure to install the older version in another location so I can swap between the embergen versions, will do that soon, so I can´t try my fbx files in the new version right now, it is also from a different software so it may not solve much.

Anyway, why not try other fbx files? you could log in to sketchfab and look for some, or if you have blender installed try texporting simple stuff from there, simple stuff that is…making sure the basics work.
If those works, it´s probably something related to fbx version for Cinema 4D, or a setting you may have missed for the saving of animation, keyframes etc.

I could also post fbx files from lightwave that you could test, just to be sure embergen works, but then again, I would suspect more people would have reacted if this was a general fbx issue.
I suspect it could be something with your Cinema 4D fbx files and how it saves the animation, maybe not baking the keyframes or something.

If cinema 4D has some Mdd baking baking options, you could try that, save to alembic, that works for me in lightwave, and you do not have to worry about bones and so on, the issue there is however that you can´t use any vertex map painting for the alembic files.

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Absolutely the right approach to this. Went into mixamo and grabbed a walk cycle. Fbx imported just fine as a collider with no issues. So it’s something with Cinema. Will try to address it there.

Thanks for the assist on this one.

Great, and yeah…thats the thought process I do.
eliminate what can be wrong, start with the input, that is from Cinema, thus try something else first.
Had the issue been the same, you could very well conclude something is different with Embergen.

Not sure how it is for the export options in Cinema though, if there is fbx versions to choose?
In Lightwave I have 201100 to 201800 and either in Ascii or Binary format.
by default my export is set to Binary 201600.

The Janga Team I think have in their docs which versions to choose.

With Alembic, it requires me to have the objects I want as a part for the export to be selected in the scene editor, otherwise there will be nothing exported.

Lightwaves mdd scanning on anything deformed( withint nodal deformation) including bone animations, remove all bones from the scene and export with Alembic, the deformations will be intact and there is no risc of bone mismatch, the problem is that I can not use vertex paint mask with the alembic format.

Fbx format on the other hand, is what to use for vertex paint, but that one can not save out mdd point scan baking, so that will pose issues sometimes depending on bones.

But as mentioned by the others, it could be the NLM tracks, so also check a simple fbx file within Cinema without any tracks like that, if that one works, it´s probably some issue with those tracks…if that is what you got.

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