Import node Camera tab gone and blender 3.2* fbx

Absolute newbie here so my apologies in advance.

Embergen 1.0 removed the camera tab from the import node for me, and using the import node’s Camera output to a camera node and then out to the render node, doesn’t seem to translate the Blender fbx camera moves.

I’ve tried Blender 3.2 & 5

Closest I’ve got is Import Node > Animations >
Camera/Camera Action: which shows the camera move, but the mesh animation stops working.

Surely there is some documentation on this but I can’t find it, so if someone can point me the way, I’d forever be in debt to you!


Hi there, You’ll want to make sure your Blender fbx export settings are optimized for EmberGen, I’ve attached a screenshot here, but particularly make sure you uncheck All actions and NLA Strips. This will bake the entire animation into one strip so that it can be properly read in EmberGen. Hope this helps!