Failed to load font. Crash at startup (solved)

Getting a crash on startup with a 1080GTX graphics card.
Looks like the error message has something to do with a missing font?
Is anyone else getting this error?

Here’s the error message i get when trying to load the license manager.

Hi Mango!

Do you happen to have your “Windows” folder installed anywhere but in C:\Windows?

It’s looking for the file “C:/Windows/Fonts/consola.ttf”, so as a quick workaround you can copy yours into a matching folder on your C drive, and I’ll see if I can push a more generic workaround in a later patch that supports more general Windows locations.

Hi Vassvik

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I don’t have windows installed on C drive, it’s on R instead.
But copying that font into the same folder on my R drive worked and I can successfully run Embergen!
Appreciate the work you’re doing, the fire is looking awesome!