A fatal error occured / AMD RX 6800 XT

Hi, getting this Fatal Error message every time i try open the exe. My system is a WIN11 / AMD RX6800 XT GPU - last graphic driver. Any clue?

hey can you send use the log file for that day? There should be a log folder in your JangaFX folder

Sure, found in C:\Program Files\EmberGenFX_0.7.5.8\\log.
Couldnt find the way to load it here so I share it via this link : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Hey if you update your embergen to the most recent version it should fix up this error. It was a graphics card driver issue that we patched

Hi! I downloaded the last available version from OTOY website (still the same, but I still have the same error - working fine with the one downloaded from here but I can’t activate it with my Octane licence… is there a way? Thanks

If you have an Octane license, you can find the download for EmberGen in your OTOY account from the downloads menu dropdown and find EmberGenFX at the bottom of the list. Make sure you download EmberGen from the OTOY website after you sign on, then you can locate the app through their downloads section. Once you open the app, it should attempt to automatically sync with your OTOY account. If you try this and are still unsuccessful then please let me know, but hopefully this helps

Hi, the only one I can dowload from OTOY account is the version that do not work - There’s been no update since then. Only one that works is downloaded directly from your website in demo mode (Beta v0.7.5.11). Unfortunately this version is not there in OTOY website.

Hi Again Clarke, so I haven’t seen so far any update on that version that OTOY has on its website. U think u guys will do it anytime soon? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there! I can’t say for sure, but we are releasing version 1.0 of our app soon, and I think that will be the last version that OTOY has available. My guess is that they would update it with us, but I will ask to see if there has been any talk about it yet