EmberGen animation runs twice as fast in Blender

I’m new to EmberGen and loving it! Question:

I’m modifying the Smoke Shockwave preset for use in Blender. I have slowed the animation in EmberGen, but after I export it to VDB and then import that into Blender, the animation runs about twice the speed. How do I get the Smoke Shockwave to run at the same speed in Blender as it does in EmberGen? Thanks.

Hey there,

Are you sure it’s actually running slow in EmberGen? Or does it just look slow because of the playback frame rate? It may run faster in Blender since the simulation is actually cached and just needs to render in Blender.

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Thank you for your response. I checked EmberGen and discovered that the animation in the EmberGen preview is running at about 14fps, while my Blender render is running at 30fps. That explains the discrepancy.

I was trying various settings in EmberGen in an effort to slow down the smoke shockwave, but it appears that all I did was slow the frame rate.

QUESTION: Is there a setting that will globally slow down the animation of an EmberGen project file, like the smoke shockwave, e.g., make it evolve over 128 frames rather than 64? I would like it to take approximately twice as long as it does now. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I received a response from JangaFX email support. Apparently there’s no straightforward way to accomplish this. A post production solution was suggested, however this animation is being imported into a Blender animation with other events, so I don’t think playing with frame rates in post production is a solution.

What I’m trying to accomplish is the scattering of lunar dust as a spacecraft settles onto the Moon’s surface, which (I think) calls for the reverse of a burst effect: dust begins to move as the active thrusters approach the surface, dust accelerating as the thrusters get closer to touchdown.