Blocky Shape - Pixelation in Embergen Viewport

Hi everyone,

Im currently trying to render a fire scene but I already noticed in the embergen viewport ithat the flames have a strong pixel shape, but i didn’t think anything more about it and exported as vdb.
But also in Blender you can see this blocky shape and when you render it out, you can only see that something is wrong with the flames.

Does anyone know what causes this shape in Embergen?

After rendering in Blender it looks like this:

Hey, you might need to lower the density or emission settings in blender, or maybe change the VDB > Space to World, this can sometimes resolve the blockiness.

Let me know if either of these help!

Unfortunately it doesn’t help.

I work a lot with Embergen and Blender but this is pretty new for me. I’m working with the Fire volume files right now and many of them appear really blocky in blender.

Here is my shader

Try keeping your Anisotropy at 0 and lower your temperature value to see if that has any effect

Thank you for your help but it seems to have no use.

i wonder if these strange artifacts are due to embergen or if this is a blender internal problem. Have noticed that these artifacts always occur only with fire simulations and several and larger area fires, never with smoke.

Can you try going into EmberGen and in the VDB Export node enable “Remap Values” at the bottom to see if that helps? It may be coming from the temperature mapping

Yess, it has brought a lot!

The artifacts have decreased significantly (above: without remap values, below: with remap values):

If you look closely, you will see there are still some artifacts in the lower half of the fire. Can I make some further changes at remap values to improve the vdb’s?