Emitter won't work while fbx with collision is inside sim

Hi. I have a scene, where I have imported animation from 3ds max, some simple building destruction, and it was working normally.
When I tried to import newer fbx object with animation, simulation won’t work if i’m using that object as collider. If I disable collider, emitter is wokring normally again, or if fbx is outside of sim box, emitter will also work.

UPDATE: I did some testing with different animations, and it seams that sumulation won’t work if there are new objects that appear in the middle of the scene.
I have building destruction made using tyFlow, and when main chunks are separated on more chunks(hitting on the ground or similar), that is when Emitter is stop working. Any idea how to go around this?

Hi there, sorry for the delay! It seems like you’re running into the issue where our importer tool can’t handle variable vertex count meshes. If you’re able to cache and export the simulation with a fixed vertex count that should fix the issue, if not can you send the file over to use so that we can take a close look at it?