(EmberGen Consistent dead spaces in every render

I’ve been exporting my projects using the OpenVDB format and importing them into blender for final renders. Consistently with every attempt, no matter how I readjust or recreate the simulation in EmberGen, there are occasional frames where there is a significant and noticeable dead square/rectangle. At first I thought it was some obscure boundary that wasn’t showing in EmberGen but got carried over to blender and the clipping of the boundary was causing it, but now on my latest render it happened over another object in the middle of my scene, and it actually appears to interfere with how the object’s shaders render.

Please let me know if the image attachments provided don’t adequately demonstrate the problem. I’d very much like to find a work-around for this issue.

link to the .ember file if it can help: Google Drive: Sign-in

Similar to the other embedded image, I’ve adjusted the smoke rate of the emitter settings in futility. See the empty hard edges beneath the platform.

Another example of the smoke not rendering. Again, look below the platform for the obvious missing rectangle.

Seems like a blender issue and not an EmberGen issue. Unfortunately I do not have any advice on how to fix this. If you send me the VDB file on the broken frame and we could likely check it but as I said, I feel like this is out of our realm and its a renderer issue.