Dumb question about viewport


Just checking out the Beta, really impressed so far.

How do I zoom the viewport on a laptop? :think:
And how do I navigate in the node graph? Can’t find ctrls


Most laptops have a way to scroll on touchpads, and it should work similarly to your browser. Typically it’s a two finger scroll or there’s a way to slide your finger at the sides of your touchpad. EmberGen should be able to detect these gestures, but if it isn’t it should be worth investigating.

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The node graph can be panned using middle mouse click (impossible on laptops) or with shift+left click. Zooming should work the same as the viewport.

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Thanks a lot!

I discovered the camera node also, which proved useful in the meantime.

This software is really, really promising and already a bit jawdropping.
My god does it ever need timestamped autosaves set at user discretionary intervals though!

I had a great look, was discovering the colliders, and then my camera went bananas, sticky trackpad issue, and the undo couldn’t help…was one of those painful back to the drawing board and don’t look at the test renders, which were wonderful!

Loving it though, it’s mindblowing even on my laptop with a Quadro M1000