EmberGen: Only one single mesh object can be imported (Duplicate)

I try to import external OBJ meshes into EmberGen. The first object will be imported. Additional meshes overwrites the 1st imported mesh.

To reproduce:

  1. Start new project
  2. Create a collision node
  3. create a mesh node, impot a mesh and connect it to the collision
  4. Voxelise the collision node for visibility
  5. Create a 2nd collision node
  6. Create a 2nd mesh node
    Import a new mesh into 2nd mesh node -> 1st mesh will be overwritten by the new imported mesh. Why?!

Additional info:
It’s important to store the original imported mesh names somewhere for better scene organisation. Best would be to replace the Label by the imported file name automatically. But the label should stay editable.

This is intended right this second and we’ll add support for multiple meshes in the future: See here (EmberGen) Multiple mesh shapes as colliders appears same (Intended, Will Fix Later #116)

Gonna lock the thread for now.

I do like the mesh origin idea though.

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