Feature wishlist

Hi, thank you for your work and this awesome tools. I think this subject might be great for instant sharing ideas on needed features.

My first strike:

  • zooming flipbook preview,
  • undo/redo,
  • quicksave…

We plan on having a flipbook previewer where you can zoom in on individual frames or the whole book and also view the animation inside of the software.

As for undo/redo, it’s coming eventually.

And quick save, how exactly would you expect that to work? Hit a hotkey and it overwrites your current preset?

It’s great to hear that.
Yes, I mean standard ctrl+s overwriting current preset.

Feature request:

  • Custom suffix for file numbering. The user can add placeholders for file numbering, represented by ##.

Example 1: myfile##.png reults in my myfile01.png, myfile02.png, etc.
Example 2: myfile####.png reults in my myfile0001.png, myfile0002.png etc.

This is VERY important for loading image sequences in tools like Adobe Premiere and similar. Most tools expects a correct sorting. In the current version(Alpha) of EmberGen the numbering for sequences is like this:

Some apps are not able to recognise this as sequences for this reason. The user has to rename all files by hand or using a batch renaming tool.

Thank you

Already implemented in our beta and will be in the version we release in a few weeks :slight_smile:

From our internal dev chat:
"If you click this button and type in a name in the dialog, it will automatically append .vdb, and it will scan for 3 or more # in the name and use that as a frame counter. if it cannot find any consecutive # it will append one to the base name in the form name.####.vdb for you

The default setup will export frames 0, 1, 2, ..., 63 , i.e. starts at frame 0, for a total of 64 frames, with a stride of 1
checking “Use Absolute Frames” will use the actual current step as the export frame, whereas if you uncheck it it will use a relative frame counter instead (0 at the first frame, 1 at the first frame + stride frames, etc.) "

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Toggleable cache of animations in raytracer, so it would be possible to move cursor to specific frame and chceck it without having to wait for animation to come back to desired frame. It woul also be a help for working with higher resolutions (512x512x512).


Dragging the cursor in the timeline is important, even if it only can be used by caching.

Feature question

Does the upcoming Embergen beta supports to store the camera positions in the presets/project files?
I miss it really a lot. I’m exporting frame sequences very often and it’s really annoying to reposition the camera, when reusing saved presets in the current alpha version…

In the beta you can have multiple cameras and store their positions, so this won’t be an issue for you anymore.

As for @lbabieno we eventually want to have caching, but it’s not going to be in our first beta release. We will have a new timeline though :slight_smile:

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Shock tube, det cord and shaped charge slow-mo emitter presets please. This video features all three.

If you keep watching too, it shows a shockwave collapse/implosion effect as well.

I might see if I can recreate this, but having an emitter that progresses along a spline natively in EmberGen would be neat.

can you add a easy fuction ,lt is something very easy for you to make . Maybe you just have to make a little change of six points . Maybe we could use RGB light to make a fake normal.
I have do this in houdini to unreal .It works amazing!!!


This is another guy’s work , we think the same thing . Very interesting .

And if Beta can do this in embergen .It will save people lots time .
You know ,the game in mobile can’t hold on too much texture .
This way combine 3 texture to one ,save much space.!
I believe this softwave will kill all others FX tools ,except PS and AE .
Goodbye ,houdini !!!
please start look in 25:31 Snipaste_2020-04-04_23-11-43|690x413

Yes, we have texture channel packing in the beta :slight_smile:

Hi Nick and Co.,

  1. I may have missed it, but I was asking the other day about having better control over color gradient nodes. I think the best method that I have come up with is to utilize a histogram in connection with the gradient to control the clamping further without having to resort to black bands on both sides of the gradient. I would appreciate it if you would consider adding this into the gradient color node (as it naturally would sit in there) or elsewhere if you have a better area to nest it in. I have attached an image of Photoshop’s histogram tool just for reference:


I think the best implementation of a histogram to control levels and contrast that I have seen to date is probably Allegorithmic (now Adobe) Substance Painter as seen below (sorry for bad quality, I am not at my workstation):


  1. Another feature that I think would help quite a bit is to allow creation of overlapping comment nodes or adding comments onto individual nodes like in Unreal Engine 4. I’ve attached a quick reference photo below demonstrating both a comment box that encompasses each node and individual comments on separate nodes. Something like this or Houdini’s notes addition into the node graph would go a long ways towards helping organize/instruct the user about a specific node setup.


  1. Finally, the ability to do mathmatical operations like addition and subtraction within parameter inputs would be great (for example if I want 64 frames starting at frame 1,273 then all I would have to plug into the end frame input would be 64+1,273). I realize it’s simple math, but it would be helpful for those times when you have an odd start frame number.



Hi, awesome software. Thank you for a great work. My wish list :).

  1. Cooperation with SideFX so EmberGen is a tool/solver capable fully work with other parts of Houdini. SideFx Labs department is already implementing custom plugins that you need to buy a separate license for it.
  2. Importing animated meshes.
  3. Importing meshes with custom attributes (reading animated attributes if possible).
  4. Autokey for animation of meshes. Scrabing time line and moving emitter around.
  5. Visual resizing of bounds for simulation.
  6. Implementing EmberGen in to Houdini :DD.
  7. Importing custom vector fields from Houdini (something like for VFXGraph - Unity)

Thank you very much guys. Incredible work you have done!

  1. Will never happen.
  2. It’s planned
  3. It’s planned
  4. It’s planned
  5. It’s planned
  6. Will never happen
  7. You can already do this if you export to .fga format


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I would be much more happy if you say it is not planned instead of will never happen but if all the other things will happen then all should be good. Thank you. PS: I will check the export with .fga

I’d rather be honest with our intentions as they currently stand haha :smiley:

Amazing Soft! Congrats!

My wish list is here.
1 selecting Zup to Yup.
2 importing camera from other software( fbx and alembic).

Thank you for your work and effort!