Can I loop Emitter Particles?

If not, when will it become available?

I had a simulation up and running looking exactly as I liked it based on a preset. Then when I was going to set it up to loop for an ingame fire asset it wasn’t possible due to using particles. I have now had to redo everything from scratch with volume emitters but can’t get the same look.

Looping is super important for many game assets, when can we expect particles to loop?

Hi there, we won’t have looping particles until some time in the future, possibly not until version 2.0. Keeping particles deterministic wasn’t something that we could accomplish before shipping 1.0.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


I see. While it’s unfortunate for now, at least you’ve given me a clear answer for why and when we can likely expect it. Thank you for the transparency!

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