Blocky artifacts inside Blender on free OpenVDB files

I’m getting blocky voxel-looking artifacts that appear in the fire sim which is from the free downloadable OpenVDB assets from the website.

I’m rendering with cycles at a high bitrate. Step size inside the volume settings is set to 0.01. Do I need to maybe go with an even lower value? Screenshot of my shader setup
is attached.

Hi there, sorry for the delay. If you turn down the temperature and/or blackbody intensity does that help the issue? With VDB’s you’re still limited to the voxel count of the file, so this might just be a hard limitation that requires a larger VDB

Some of this is also just artifacts of that particular free file. When we made the file in 2019 that’s just the quality we were capable of at the time.

Which of the presets, there are more fire than one there?
The simple fire or fire plume?

None of those seem to be looking like your image though, so are you sure it´s a fire preset and not the gasolin explosion?

It probably is the quality of the vdb saved out at that time, but it could be your material volume settings as well in blender, if set to Linear, that could yield artifacts, so cubic is the best.