Are there actual tuts on how to create particle effects?

I downloaded the trial and got the youtube link to 5 tuts that tell me about the UI and all that but where are the actual “create various particle effects” tuts?

We haven’t done them yet because we knew the UI was going to change substantially. For now we have 104 presets that you can open and dissect to learn from. We will have actual tutorials later this year.

Huh?! And yet you’ve done tuts on the UI. 5 of them in fact. I’m confused

Yes, we decided that atleast doing basic tutorials on exporting and general UI was a good idea because it would help with support tickets in the meantime. These tutorials, even if just minutes long take up a ton of time to make. We’ll have actual effects centered tutorials later this year.

By that time my trial will run out :rofl:

You can still use the software and learn it even if you can’t export :slight_smile:

Besides, when we get them out, contact us and I’ll give you a trial extension at that time.

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