Some VFX workflow suggestions (non-RT)

Hey y’all!

Amazing software, just really really awesome stuff. I know it’s in Beta and there’s a lot more to come, but this is soooo closeee to being usable in our production pipeline.

Just as a vague suggestion, here’s what’s stopping me (I posted about this on the FB Group too).

I have a closeup scene of some feet struggling in mud. I’d like to add some dry-ice like mist to that. And I love love love the realtime look dev and iteration in Embergen.

It’d be awesome to import an image sequence or movie as a backplage/image plane.
Then import either an animated mesh or have better timeline controls (just basic scrubbing would do) to be able to animate some basic colliders to the footage of the feet struggling so the mist would react.

Even more awesome would be the ability to animate in real time and have it bake to keyframes. Sort of like in After Effects how, with the puppet tool, you can have it record your mouse-driven animation in realtime and playback.

Anyway I know a lot of that is probably in the works, and I have a ton more suggestions - but those are the core features that are preventing me from actually being able to put it to use at the moment.

Otherwise, again, just kinda mindblowing stuff. Great job!

All in the works as I mentioned on facebook :slight_smile: