1st test of day 1 trial (c4d redshift, after effects)

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Massive shoutout to J Winbush for introducing me to this software. 1 evening with it and I think I am going to pump the breaks on houdini and get this instead of an indie license! THANK YOU JangaFX (NICK! I stayed up late and watched all your videos - great stuff man!!!)

Diving in to the presets I have so many ideas and questions LOL Cheers all. Hope you are as excited as I am to use this software with other tools XD

We’re happy to answer any questions and plan to continually add to the presets list! :smiley:

I also plan to release a ton of new tutorials, I’ve just been trying to get other stuff straight. Stay tuned!

Keep it up, you’ll be making more dope sims in no time.

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