Looking for EmberGen Artist (Paid)

Hey there!

Embergen seems really nice but sadly I don’t have too much time to play with it myself.
Quick tests seemed very promising however.

I’m looking for an artist with EmberGen skills who can make some good ‘fury road’ style fire and explosion effects for Unity usage. This is fully paid. Just write at jobs@flowfiregames.com

Best - Eric

(On a side note, we are also looking for a on-site VFX artist fulltime in Berlin, Germany)


The EmberGen Alpha is not really usable for projects at the moment, mainly because of the needed node system, an improved animation timeline and scene saving abilities. But it can be used for tests already and works fine in many cases.

If you’re interested in someone located in Germany, drop me a pm or visit my website for references at www.christoph-werner.de and contact me via e-mail.

Grüße aus Deutschland!