Workflow Information with Embergen and camera tracking from AE

is it possible to import camera tracking from mocha pro or AE directly to embergen software or do I have to add software like Blender/Unreal Engine/Alembic in my process ? I work on after effect and i’m looking for the best way to export my 3D camera tracking to Embergen. I know how to import it to UE5 from AE with Cinema4D lite but i would prefer to avoid adding UE in my process for now. Thanks.

Hi Lulu,

It doesn’t look like After Effects has many options for exporting camera data, but I found this YouTube video that allows you to import your track to blender, and you should be able to export that camera as an fbx to use in EmberGen. Blender is free and can be pretty low weight so hopefully it’s not too much to add.

Thank you. Do you know if fbx files created from mocha pro 3D camera solver are working in Embergen?

I’m not entirely sure, but you can always send any mesh file over to us and I can investigate what’s going wrong