MAYA Camera Import

I imported an object and camera created in MAYA into EmberGen for testing, and composited it in AE.
However, the objects imported into EmberGen do not match. Is there a solution?

Scaling may be off right this second, positionally, things should be fine, but you’ll likley have to rescale your final images in AE… maybe. The workflow is new and there’s a lot of polish we can add.

There are a few things to check on this issue.

  1. The first is a problem with focal length.
    Has the focal length been baked?
  2. Did you change the start time?
    -If you have imported a camera and adjusted the start time
    Check out the image below.

From the first problem, the animation and focal length are baked in MAYA (focal length 35.00).

The second problem is that I also set the start time, but there is a gap in the animation between MAYA and EmberGen.

I added a 90 frame animation in MAYA with a 30FPS setting.
I noticed that the Animation Length is 2.967 in EmberGen. That’s where the shift is occurring.